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Best Vacation Values

View Offers Discover icy wonderlands where you can spend your days dog sledding over a glacier or skiing down a freshly powdered mountain.
View Offers Venture beyond the tourist trails, as you embark on a gourmet walking tour of Paris alongside a local food expert. Ascend Mount Stanserhorn in Switzerland where a Swiss Ranger shares in-depth knowledge on the wonders of Europe's highest climbs. Join Chef Lorenzo in Italy, for an interactive cooking class in the majestic hilltop town of Orvieto where you'll learn how to make fresh pasta from scratch.
View Offers An intimate journey of discovery amid stunning Alpine panoramas. This itinerary includes riding on the famous Glacier Express and staying in some of Switzerland's most enchanting hotels.
View Offers Delve beneath the surface of these two amazing countries. Sample their signature dishes, share in their culture and marvel the legacy of their rich sea-faring history.
View Offers It’s not everyday that you’re invited to eat dinner in a French castle. Experience an extraordinary culinary moment, as you join a family in their 17th Century chateau for a traditional meal and wine tasting.
View Offers The Italian region of Tuscany is famed for many things, not least the regional food and wine. Join a local Italian chef in the region’s capital, for a tour of a food market and a demonstration of Italian cooking at his Florence restaurant. Select your fresh ingredients from the food market and learn how to cook an authentic Italian lunch, which you’ll then enjoy with local wine and great company.
View Offers If you’ve never tried a Portuguese tart before, you are in for a real treat. Pastéis are the iconic pastry of Portugal, and the most famous ones are found in the capital of Lisbon. Head to Pastéis de Belém, join the line and prepare yourself for a moment of sweet delight.
View Offers Wine-tasting opportunities are in abundance across Europe, but one of the most unique experiences involves an old war-time wine cellar in Budapest. Join the local host to taste wine and hear stories about his family’s experience of the Second World War, and how the wine cellar played a part their history.
View Offers Rome is a sprawling metropolis of backstreet pizzerias and trattorias, but for a memorable dinner in Italy’s capital, make a beeline for Piazza Navona. The pretty square is lined with top quality restaurants, where you’ll be spoilt for choice.
View Offers Go wild on Ireland’s west coast, as you forage for your lunch with local expert, Oonagh. Join a wild food foraging expedition along the beach, near the stunning Cliffs of Moher. Learn about the ingredients from your host, as you collect the fresh produce that will accompany your fresh seafood lunch at the family run Barrtra Seafood Restaurant.